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You have endless choices in design, shape, texture and layout.
All our memo pads and sticky notes are printed on a high quality writing paper and you can choose the material which you want.
Either pick your size on your own or let our professionals help you find the right dimensions for your notepad. And they are available in nearly all sizes from 1cm to A4.
After that send your design, logo or image that our desinger will help to finish the mock up.
We will finish the production under tightly scheduled deadlines then ship out to you. You can order custom sticky note, post it sticky notes or company memo pads in any size of your choice. 

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Memo pads, or sticky notes are highly used in daily. You can bring them with you anywhere! Take notes on-the-go or keep reminders at your desk. These design memo pads are appropriate for home, school, or office.When ideas are flowing, you need to be able to write them down easily, to tear off each full sheet and start writing on a new one.

           How to Use Sticky Notes  

Despite the rise of digital communication, sticky notes have remained an effective tool for improving learning and reading skills.  They can help organize your office, studies, or household activities.

Memo sticky notes are also effective in labeling equipment or leaving notes with instructions on various items. Here are some exciting ideas on how you can use post-it sticky notes effectively. But before that, let us get the benefits of using sticky notes.

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                       Benefits of Using Sticky Notes

The primary advantage of using sticky notes is the ease of use and cost-effectiveness.  Furthermore, they are available in different designs that make them unique in highlighting important information since it contrasts with the usual books and documents.

Also, studies have found that custom sticky notes are a compelling way of getting individuals to comply with instructions or requests. This can be attributed to a feeling of personal touch when you post a note with a handwritten message.

The handwritten message on sticky notes adds value and a more intimate factor to the communication process. This is owed to the fact that a memo pad sticky note can be customized to reflect the exact message you intend to pass.

Even better, at Washi Paper Co. Ltd, we offer a wide range of customization choices based on the purpose of using sticky notes.

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How to Use Post It Sticky Notes Effectively?

Although there are no standard criteria for using sticky notes, there are several ways to guide you into using them correctly. For example, it is essential to observe the number of notes you use. While the number of notes depends on the purpose you are using it for, a general rule of thumb maintains that the less, the better.

Sticky notes are primarily used to grab attention and persuade the target to heed the instruction or accept a request. So, too many notes can confuse the audience because of excessiveness. Here are some ways you can use sticky notes effectively.

                                 1.Bookmark Pages

 A sticky note is an ideal bookmarking method since it has an adhesive strip that keeps the mask in position. Just stick your note on the page you want and write a brief text on it.

With conventional square notes, you can also purchase tall and slim custom sticky notes, which are ideal for bookmarking. If you are bookmarking several pages, it is advisable to switch up their positioning. Putting them in the same way, may make it hard for you to locate the exact page you want.

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How to make sticky notes

  2.Add Insights of Texts

A sticky note memo pad can be used to add insights and thoughts while reading. This can help improve your reading skills. These texts allow you better understand what you are reading and tackle questions correctly.

Also, you can use these notes to summarize paragraphs, phrases, or chapters of a book. The best way is to keep one note per topic for easier revision.


        3.Creating a To-Do-List

If you have several tasks to complete within a given period, post-it note sticky notes can help organize your to-do list. You can use one note for every task and then arrange them up and down depending on the deadline and priority of each task.

On the other hand, you can add related or similar tasks on one sticky note pad to give you a clear insight into what you need to complete. Placing the notes where you can easily see them motivates you to achieve them.

For instance, you can have them on your desk if you are a student, on the walls if you are working at home or office set-up, etc.

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% custom washi tape,custom stickers,memo pads%

                        4.Color Coding Tasks and Ideas

Custom sticky notes can color-code tasks and ideas for improved productivity. It will also help you plan and organize yourself better. With the several colors available for sticky notes, you can group tasks based on priority, scheduling factors, or subjects.

Since color-coding allows you to identify information at first glance, it is an excellent idea to color tasks that require immediate attention. Sorting out tasks and grouping similar ones provides a more efficient way of working, focusing on achieving targets and beating deadlines.

Because custom sticky note is ideal for color-coding, we at Washi Paper Co. Ltd provide you with endless design, color, shape, layout, and texture options. You can either pick a unique design or let our team of professionals guide you to get the right design and dimensions that fit your needs.

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