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Washipaper was established in 2009,We are a professional washi tape and stationery products factory with more than 12 years experience.We have our own raw material warehouse, printing workshop, foil workshop,die cut workshop, rewinding workshop, slitting workshop, and packaging workshop, so from printing-bronzing-rewinding-slitting-packaging, we are all complete production lines. We are not only production-oriented Of the company, we also focus on developing and constantly innovating new processes.

“Washipaper is a divergent thinking platform executor, which better presents customers’ ideas, creativity, and inspiration on products through craftsmanship, and makes creativity more materialized through advanced production technology, so that customers’ inspiration can be better. Show way.”

             —WashiPaperTape  CEO


Workshop perspective

Our professiconal business department to solve your business difficulties,
the design department will provide you with the best design suggestions,
and the production department will deliver on time with quality and quantity.
Each department aims to help customers complete the entire process of product development and production.


% custom washi tape,custom stickers,memo pads%


As a professional tape manufacturer with more than 12 years experience,we have obtained numerous certificates including but not limited ISO 9001,SGS,ICAS,HCT.
And we always authorized by Disney and are being environmentally conscious 


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Washipaper has a strong and complete production design capability, designing and producing the products you want according to your requirements. 

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